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125 Halton Apprentice Entry Web Site

"Scene But Never Herd"
Welcome Message
Welcome to the 125 entry web site, (that's the entry motto above and our St Georges window on the right). The main object of this site is to provide a means by which ex 125 members may re-establish contact with other members.  This site provides a list of contact details, church window info, forthcoming events and many other items that will be of interest to members.  Non members are more than welcome to browse the site.   (See below for an index of the site.  Click on the titles at the top of this page).
Please feel free to get in contact with the site administrator (Dave Papworth), whether you are a member or not, or even if you were one of our ex Commanding Officers / NCO's!  (see contacts page).  You can now also leave a message via the  guest book, (link on this page) if you wish. 
Recent Updates
Last updated Oct 2013 -  Photo Link of RAF HAAA triennial 2013 - Al Graham memory.

This web site has come into being after a few of us finally met up at the 2001 HAAA tri-annual re-union.  Since then there has been a very slow trickle of ex 125 members who are starting to find the site or have contacted me directly via other sources.  Back in June 2003, 25 years after passing out the first re-union was held.  In April 2005 we had our church window installed, 30 years after starting our training.  For those of you who have been in contact, I have added  your e-mail addresses to the contacts page, please remember to let me know if you change your e-mail! 
Link to the Halton Aircraft Apprentices web site: http://www.oldhaltonians.co.uk/

There is a planned 125 re-union at the National Arboretum Sat 8 September 2018. More details can be found on the RAF Halton No. 1 School of Technical Training Face Book page, contact site admin.

The 125th Entry St Georges Church Window

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Home – Introduction, message board and update info


Entry Photo, Names and Graduation – Entry photo, roll of names who passed out and those who didn’t


St Georges Window – The 125 church window story and photo


Window Dedication – Photos taken on the dedication day


HAAA Reunions – Photos etc from the Tri-annual reunions


About the Entry – High points of the entry


Contact Site Administrator – mailing details for site admin


Reunion Page – photos etc from the entry reunions


Memories Page 1 –  Memories and photos of the 125th


Memories Page 2 – More Photos of the 125th


Contacts Page – Entry contact e-mail addresses


Hunter T7 Crash – Photos of a Hunter T7 crash taken by admin in 1982


The Lighter Side of the Royal Air Force - Amsusing memiors from the administrator's father, Ian Papworth


Miscellaneous - General 125 entry, apprentice or RAF related items