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125 Entry Re-Union  -  Held Saturday 28th June 2003

The re-union went ahead as planned and although I say it myself it went very well.  Six of us attended the all day event and a further two joined us for the evening dinner at the Red Lion Hotel in Wendover.  In all a good time was had by everyone.


Those who attended were:  (George and Ken dinner only)


Dave Papworth

Tony and Sue Francis

Alistair and Phyl Graham

Wayne and Val Jenner

Pete Dorward and Mary Frances

Neil and Karen Jewess

George and Beverley Binns

Ken Sullivan and Jane Harvey


It was quite an experience talking to people, most not sent for over 25 years but everyone was instantly recognisable even though we were a little greyer or thinner up top and in some cases had added a few pounds to the waist line!

Unfortunately some of the other members of the entry could not make it mainly due to work commitments but it is hoped to plan future events.  

Further pictures maybe viewed on Pete Dorwards site at:   http://www.pixture.co.uk/Airfields/Halton/Halton.htm

Most of the group at the apprentice memorial

Alistair, Neil and Tony outside Phantom block


Alistair, Dave, Wayne, Tony and Neil outside Phantom block

Ken, Jane, Sue and Tony at the dinner

Neil, Phyl, Mary, George, Beverley and Pete at the dinner

The main corridor of Kermode Hall, the large halls where exams were taken are just off to the left

A familiar view of the parade square and Henderson

An internal shot of the museum now housed in the old gym

Phyl and Sue with Alistair and Tony discussing the entry photo




All photos taken on 28th June 2003