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HAAA Reunion Page

HAAA reunion items.

One of the aircraft that visited the airfield - an SE5a (I think)!

Another aircraft that visited the airfield

A familar view taken at Main Point looking upwards

The same strech of road as above but looking down the other way towards Main Point


Waiting at the old workshops for the grand march to the Groves / Henderson area

Former apprentices line the old parade square at the end of the day's proceedings


A photo of Groves mess, hasn't changed much

Taken at the 2001 reunion, Dave Papworth, the site administrator outside 125's first "home"


Some of the photos I took at the 2004 tri-annual reunion, the last photo was however taken at the 2001 reunion.  When you revisit the Groves - Henderson area after a long time, you first notice that that there are now women living up there, (although I didn't see any at the more recent re-union) and also you notice that the large wooden doors of all the blocks are now kept firmly shut.  During our time those doors were always left open! 
Fortunately the weather wasn't too bad as most of the rain occured during lunch. The march up the hill and the sunset ceremony was completely rain free.  In all a good day out and certainly brought back a few memories and makes you proud to have been part of the apprentice scheme.
HAAA Reunion 2010
Rather than post photos on here, the link below will take you to the photos I took at the 2010 event.
Sadly I was the only 125 member there but it turned out to be a good day as always and the weather was pretty good.  Hope to see some 125 member there in 2013.