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Entry Photo, Names and Graduation List


Here you will find a list of names of those on the entry photo all of whom successfully graduated.  Further down is a list of those who started but didn't make it through the course for one reason or other.
Top Row  - Fred Beamish; Don Pinder; Bill Gibbons; Ralph Rodgers; Keith Franklin; Mick Pearce; Joe Walmsley;  Frank Dimock; Colin McIntyre; Alex Harley; Steve Angus; Alan Creraer.
Second Row - John Sandells; Alan Nicholson; Brian Gasson; Nigel James; Dave Baker; Bob Thompson; Alan Maidment; Ken Sullivan; Bob Spiller; Andy Leahy; Bill Ford-Hutchinson; Kevin Smale; Dot Farrow.
Third Row - Alan Airey; John Mort; Eric Macarthur; Alistair Graham; Dave Papworth; Andy Adams; Ken Minshull; George Binns; Andy Woodcock; Steve Melon; Kevin Bryden; Ian Fletcher;  Paul Burns; Keith Knight; Geordie Gibson; Keith Nicholson; Mal Mallet.
Bottom Row - Chris Sweeney; Tony Francis; Roy Charlton; Phil Eastwood; Ken Evens; Flt Lt Poulter; Cpl Cutler; Wayne Jenner; Eric Wright; Alf dale; Pete Eades; Neil Jewess. 
Thanks to some help the list should now be correct, but if any one spots any mistakes, please let me know.  I believe the list below is now complete but if I have missed anyone, please let me know.

Other names (not on the photo) who started but didn't complete the course for what ever reason include:  Bob Blease, Dave Seymore, Gary? McTier, Gerry Griffin, Jeff Roberts, Keith Page, Nigel Cowley, Pete Dorward, Phil Roberts, Tony Walker, Andy Ward, Paul Player, John Risdale, Eric Irvine, ? French, Steve Evans, Gary Edwards, A. R. Miller, D.A. Abbott, K.C. Willis, Remy (John) Savigar and Alistair Raffan.  



Alistair is no longer with us having  tragically been killed in a motor cycle accident several years ago.

2013 Alistair Graham - tragically passed away in his sleep while visiting his family - (see memories page)



Here's a few that "got away" early:'
Back Row:  John Ridsdale  Nigel Cowley
Front Row: Pete Dorward  Steve Evans  Dave Seymour