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125 Halton Apprentice Entry Web Site

Contacts Page

List of names and contact details for 125 members

If you would like your name and contact details added or amended, please send me them via e-mail.

Dave Baker:      e-mail:            dtbaker<&&> 
George Binns:    e-mail:           george<&&>
Pete Dorward:   e-mail:           aeropix<&&>
Eric Macarthur:  e-mail:          eric.macarthur<&&> 
Dave Papworth:  e-mail:         (home) dmpapworth<&&>
                                           (General) dmpapworth<&&>
Chris Sweeney:    e-mail:        sweenzlive<&&>
Wayne Jenner:     e-mail:        wayne.jenner<&&>
Neil Jewess:         e-mail:       neiljewess<&&>
Ken Sullivan:       e-mail:         ken56bec<&&>
Keith Franklin:    e-mail:         keith<&&>
Tony Francis:      e-mail:        daffodilandrose<&&>
Alistair Graham:  e-mail:         thegrumbles<&&>  
Wayne Jenner:    e-mail:        wayne.jenner<&&>
Bob Spiller:         e-mail:        bob.spiller<&&>
Mick Pearce:       e-mail:        mapearce<&&>
Kevin Bryden:     e-mail:         kevin.bryden<&&>
Pete Edes:         e-mail:         petere<&&>
Ian Fletcher        e-mail          fletcherb152<&&>
Remy (John) Savigar  e-mail    remysemail-nospam<&&>
Kevin Smale     e-mail            chezmouche<&&>
Don Pinder       e-mail           d_e_pinder<&&>
Al Nicholson  e-mail          alan.nicholson<&&>
Keith Nicholson  e-mail     keith<&&>
Note:  I have taken a leaf out the the HAAA web sites book and replaced the "@" symbol with "<&&>" to prevent e-mail address seeking software that could result in you receiving junk e-mails.  You will of course need to substitute the "<&&>" for the"@" symbol when using any of the addresses.